2 thoughts on “Writing tips

  1. Loved all your stories. Music Box was my favorite. The sentence structure in your work can be tweaked to include commas, semi-colons and periods where they are appropriate. This would encourage what is already a great flow in your stories. In “283”, I believe Vinnie should be introduced with us having a clearer understanding of her personality.

    On a spiritual note (you’ve probably already been told this), the authenticity of the “283” will not suffer if you’ve eliminated the sexual references and expletives. I’m actually pretty confident of this. 🙂 The adult theme brought an awkwardness to the story as if the author wasn’t used to creating something that had this sort of content. The storyline was intriguing enough without it. Also, try adding more weight to the ending somehow. The concept is there but I suspect that a reader may be left wondering if there was a lengthier ending that was cut short.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Rob. I also appreciate your vulnerability in asking for suggestions, as difficult as it may have been to do.
    Much Blessings…

    1. Awesome! Thank you for the input. These are first drafts. I haven’t checked anything grammatically.

      Vinnie’s personality could easily be strengthened. Thanks.

      On a spiritual note, I appreciate your encouragement to leave out certain things. Those expletives weren’t forced. In fact, for a long time I wrote things that were so awkward for the sake of avoiding cursing that I decided I can’t do that anymore and expect it to be real. I’ve worked and lived around people who sound like what you’ve read in my story. It might even sound like they are forcing those words but that’s the way they talk. Some of my writing will have things in it that I wouldn’t do but my characters would.

      The sexuality wasn’t gratuitous. It was part of the story, who this guy was. In fact it tells us more than a little about Vinnie.

      The ending is the very reason I asked for input. I appreciate you mentioning it.
      There have to be bits throughout the piece that make the ending feel like a real denouement.
      Thank you. I am going to make that my strength eventually. Right now, it is a clear weakness.

      About Music Box… I am so excited about it. I believe it has a precious ending. I hope I do it justice.

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