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What happens when the dying wish of your mother is for you to find the father you never knew?

Maria’s pen and ink sketches always seem to cause things to happen. Six months after a stray bullet from a drive-by kills her mother, she steals from a foster family and leaves town in search of answers and her estranged father.

A snarky, intelligent outsider, Maria is hard, edgy and tough, a combination of Lisbeth Salandar, the angry, volatile main character from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and cynical, witty, coming-of-age Enid Coleslaw from Daniel ClowesGhost World.

Sterling Gates PraiseMaria meets a waitress named Terri who becomes her absolute best friend and treats Maria like the sister she’s always wanted.

I'm sorry

She falls for a charming jazz guitar player named David who comes close to cracking her tough exterior.

Stay Gold, Officer.

Maria’s sketches that predict possible futures, a Volkswagon Microbus painted yellow and black that attracts bees and Terri’s grandmother who literally hasn’t slept in decades all provide a unique touch of Neil Gaiman or Gabriel Garcia-Marquez-type magical realism.

Universal relationships of love and friendship that sometimes seem just beyond reach is what Ruined My Rhythm, Volume One is all about.