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Introducing Ruined My Rhythm, Volume Four: A Graphic Novel

Soul Fiction Factory and Champion Comics Releases Their Fourth Graphic Novel Through Kickstarter

Tulsa, Oklahoma (August 27, 2019) – Soul Fiction Factory and Champion Comics are proud to release Ruined My Rhythm, Volume Four through Kickstarter. Ruined My Rhythm is a four-volume story about Maria Sanchez, a homeless teen in search of her father in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is illustrated by 19-year-old Luna Cooper and written by Tulsa writer, Robert Soul. At 9:00 pm (CST) on August 27, 2019, anyone can support Ruined My Rhythm, Volume Four at this link:

Ruined My Rhythm, Volume Four is a 48-page graphic novel.

Luna Cooper and Robert Soul have brought back all the characters you enjoyed in Volumes 1-3 in this final volume. As the story culminates in the final scene, in front of Tulsa’s historic Circle Cinema, Maria must choose between her newfound friends and a free ride to California, in a continued search for her father. Which will she choose?


A snarky, intelligent outsider, Maria is hard, edgy and tough, a combination of Lisbeth Salandar, the angry, volatile main character from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and cynical, witty, coming-of-age Enid Coleslaw from Daniel Clowes’s Ghost World. After stealing from her foster parents, she takes a Greyhound bus to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in hopes of finding her father. She meets some interesting people in Tulsa who attempt to be a part of her world.

Maria’s sketches that predict possible futures, a Volkswagen Microbus painted yellow and black that attracts bees and her new best friend, Terri, whose grandmother literally hasn’t slept in decades, all provide a unique touch of Neil Gaiman or Gabriel Garcia Marquez-type magical realism.

Here is why we are using Kickstarter: It costs a great deal to fund a graphic novel- paying the artists involved, the printing, the marketing, and so on. Since Ruined My Rhythm is set in Tulsa and it touches on subjects such as grief, suicide, alcoholism and homelessness, backpacks containing Volumes 1-4 of the book and other goodies will be donated to the Youth Services of Tulsa participants on Friday, December 6th at the release party of Ruined My Rhythm, Volume Four at Circle Cinema in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thanks for the Support.

Every volume of Ruined My Rhythm is illustrated by 19-year-old Luna Cooper of Champion Comics. Luna and her five sisters are all artists, and as co-creator of Ruined My Rhythm, she is stoked out of her mind to be working on this project!

“I’ve always liked drawing people,” Cooper says. “Coming up with different ways to draw the different characters, and making sure there’s a big enough variety in the way the characters look is a lot of fun for me.”

Robert Soul is a writer who loves calling Tulsa, Oklahoma his home town. He currently serves the A Better Way program as an employment specialist with Mental Health Association Oklahoma, helping chronic panhandlers gain sustainable employment in the community. Having worked as a warehouse shipper and receiver, an insurance salesman, a call center customer service representative, a substitute teacher in science, history and English, a psych tech, a campus minister, a convenient store clerk, a nanny, a butler, a valet and a cashier in an Indian store, he has a plethora of stories yet to tell. Robert Soul currently writes for Preview Magazine, has written screenplays, short stories, web content for various companies, articles for other magazines and the book and music for the musical, Esther and the Banquets of Susa.

Zach Raw, Tulsa artist, designed the Volume Four cover. After graciously agreeing to illustrate a new cover for any future reprint of Volume One, Zach has designed every volume since.

Soul Fiction Factory is an independent publishing company based in Tulsa and Champion Comics is Luna and Maia’s comic book company that has produced the comic book series, Champions of Erendil, since 2013.

Any media contact can be directed to Michele Chiappetta at or Robert Soul at

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