Earlier this year, I finished the first draft of part one of the quartet of novels, “The Saint, the Spy, the Witch, the Wolf”. In the next sixty days I will have the first draft of “The Spy” finished, god willing, or the creek don’t rise. I have been editing and re-writing “The Saint” and will continue doing so in 2016. 2016 should see parts three and four initial drafts finished. I am so excited to see this coming along. The great thing about all four stories is that they feed each other. The plan is to make them stand alone but also excellent companions. Last night I was jazzing around with a cover idea:

“The Saint” follows Draha Farkas, as she escapes The SaintCzechoslovakia from behind the Iron Curtain to Melk, Austria. She then moves to a Lutheran convent in Germany before going on to London. From there, after becoming a yogi, she travels to India, establishing her own Ashram. Many lovers, many losses, many choices, all leading to one final decision.

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