For the second year in a row I hit Wizard World’s Comic Con, Tulsa. This year, I saw my writing partners of Unbreakable Spines speak in not one, but two panels. The cosplay costumes were awesome and fun! Someday I will participate, being the Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR fan that I am. And I saw Sean Astin in person this year! WOW.

So, I am really posting this because I am trying to woo some of the most talented, upcoming comic book creators I have ever met personally. And they are TEENS! And young WOMEN! My very good friend, Michele Chiappetta, of the scary-good books, Dark and Dangerous Things I and II, and I met Luna and Maia Cooper. They are the authors of the CHAMPIONS of ERENDIL comic book series and teenage girls to boot!

We were impressed by their confidence, professionalism, and hard work. I noticed they had some excellent questions during the “Why Can’t We be Friends” panel, of which Michele and Donna were panelists. I spoke with them about my story, “Ruined My Rhythm,” and how I thought their work really fit what I envisioned for a comic book series of the story. I will keep you in touch about how things go. I would love to collaborate with such hardworking young women!

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