Independence Day begins an 80 day tour de force for many driven writers who have committed to a writing content challenge. I hope it produces a number of short stories I’ve been putting off.

3 thoughts on “A ROUND of words in 80 DAYS

  1. Here’s my goal for ROW80:

    Eight Short Stories, Unedited (I can edit them after the 80 Days). That is my goal. Now, I have many short story ideas. So, I will have to choose which ones and just go for it.

  2. I was told to be more specific:

    For each short story, I will write at least 200 words per day unless it is finished.

    If at the end of the ten days I am not finished with it I will come back to it after the 80 days.

  3. 2oo words a day is a good, measurable goal. If you’ve not finished the story in ten days, it may help to leave it until after the round is over; at least, I know it would help me.

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